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Johnnie Walker, a single blade and Old Spice. Well top of the morning to you sir!

I browse the Mantality website all the time, looking for things that I think will make my life better. And I had seen all these old school razors but for ages was absolutely terrified by them. I was sure that after one shave I’d be lying in my basin bleeding out as the stainless steel cut right through my jugular. It seems however that I am just a product of the modern day shavign regime and advertising. I don’t need 5 blades and I definitely don’t need safety wires on my razor. And I don’t need to budget every month just to afford to have a smooth face. All I need is the correct razor, and some blades that cost next to nothing. Enter the double edged safety razor.

I’m 27 now, and even though I haven’t been shaving for all 27 years, I have still seen my fair share of blades. I’ve been a Mach 3 user my entire life, never upgrading to the 4 or 5 or 6 blade system or whatever they are promoting now. Mach 3 was good for me, and it still is a good choice. Keep the Mach 3 for when you’re shaving your package ;)

While I realise men are growing stubble these days and not shaving close, there are just times when you need to shave. Cut it close, slick your hair back, throw on that suit, pour yourself a whisky and kick the shit out of life.

don draper

I can’t remember what I paid for these 5 blades, but I think it was about R13 at Dis Chem. R13 for 5 double sides blades! That is amazing.

elion razor blades

For your face you DO NOT need 5 blades, no matter what Gillette tell you. You don’t need 3, not even 2. All you need is a good quality double edge safety razor, and I promise you, you will have the closest shave of your life. I’ve never used one in my entire life until now, and it could not be simpler. It takes a few attempts to perfect it, but eventually you get a feel for it. You know like driving? Where it just becomes something you do? Shaving with a double edge razor is something that just becomes a part of you.

When you notice the smoothness of the shave, and the amount of money you are saving, you will never turn back.

And it’s a great way to start the morning, a process that relaxes you before the day kicks off. Now you’re not going to walk into Pick ‘n Pay and find these razors. I bought my Muhle razor from This is the beast:

shaving muhle

Make Don Draper proud


My observations from using this shaving system:


  • The shave is so much closer than a Mach 3.
  • Take short strokes. You’re not using a normal razor with angled blades. Taking shorter strokes ensures that the blade is at the right angle, even around bends such as your chin.
  • Don’t be afraid. Sure you can cut yourself with a blade like this, but I’m quite clumsy when shaving and have not cut myself yet. Take caution, but mostly just use common sense. The shave will take a few minutes longer, but it is well worth it.
  • Don’t apply pressure. A good quality razor carries weight in it. This weight ensures the right pressure is placed on the blade. The Muhle has a good weight that keeps it on the skin with the correct pressure. If you start pressing and using pressure, you are setting yourself up for a cut face. The shave comes from the sharpness of the blades and the natural weight of the razor. You are merely there to guide it all along.

Follow up with a good after shave balm. These blades have no lubricating strips. And even when regular blades have lubricating strips, you’ll need to use an after shave balm anyway, rendering these lubricating strips pretty much useless. FINO Soothe is one of the best aftershave balms you will find (Available from, and it’s the cheapest one as well at R60. I’ve tested it before  and it’s amazing, highly recommended.


Once you’re shaved, put on some aftershave, comb your hair and get to work.

It’s going to be a long day of whisky, best you look good.

Click here to buy your razor from also stock a wide range of shaving creams and after shave balms, have a look out for them. I have invested in a shaving brush and a proper soap, but you don’t necessarily need this. I’m just a bit of a perfectionist and wanted the whole kit, but you can start off with regular shaving cream if you like. I do however highly recommend a good shaving brush and a cream. stock all of this and deliver it straight to your door. I’m using a shaving brush from The Body Shop and Edwin Jagger shaving cream. These shaving creams are all natural, which is a great change from that chemical gel you’re used to. These shaving soaps actually care for your skin with real moisturing agents and smell great. stock the Muhle shaving soaps (R99 each) and they are all natural, so they’re better for your skin, your body and for the environment.

edwing jagger shaving soap


And how could I forget, you need tips on how to shave using this system! My favorite man website, Art Of Manliness has tips on it in a full blog post. They’ll write it better than I ever could, so click here to read ‘How To Shave Like Your Grandpa’

Now go out there and be a man!

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