Serengeti EyeWear 2012: My Choice


Over the years my sunglasses of choice have been Ray Ban, Oakley and Serengeti. They all offer awesome lenses, and I guess all have had their drawbacks. With Ray Ban, I feel their styling is completely outdated. Sure, the Wayfarers and Aviators are ‘classics’, but I just feel they are failing in their modern day designs. I often find Ray Ban’s best designs don’t come with a polarised option, or they come out with a great design but they just don’t feel as solid as they should. Oakley’s designs aren’t all my favorite, but lately they have been coming up with more normal designs that don’t look too over the top. I really like the Oakley Holbrook and the Oakley Jupiter Squared. The only problem I have is that no matter how careful you are with them, Oakley lenses scratch very easily.

Serengeti work for me because their designs are timeless (If a little bit old school at times), and the lenses are made of glass. They’re also polarized and photochromic, so glare is eliminated and they lighten and darken depending on the strength of the light at the time. They’ll come in at around R2300, but they are some of the finest lenses on the planet. I promise you, once you turn to polarized lenses, you’ll find it hard to turn back. Without that white glare, colours are presented to you as they should be in their natural state, and that glare from roads and cars and everything else is cut away, leaving you to see the world you live in.

The Serengeti 2012 catalog is looking amazing, with some real classics presented to us. Here are some of my favorite:

serengeti lorenzo

Serengeti Lorenzo

serengeti aviator

Serengeti Aviator

serengeti brando

Serengeti Brando

serengeti sunglasses

serengeti livorno

Serengeti Livorno

serengeti marco

Serengeti Marco

Very classic and understated, but that’s what I want. I don’t want to wear a brand on my face, I just want sunglasses that look good and protect my eyes. That’s what Serengeti sunglasses do. Those are just a few of the styles that caught my eye, but do check out the full catalogue. I’ve been wearing Serengeti for about 2 years now, and they’re amazing. Polarized is the only way to go, and their glass lenses don’t scratch either which is a bonus.

Click here for the Serengeti eyewear 2012 catalogue.

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