Marisa Miller Is Your First Mate


Look, I’m not quite sure how this video promotes responsible drinking as such, but we can’t be complaining! Oh and if you don’t know who Marisa Miller is, she’s the iPod model:

marisa miller ipod

I’m pretty sure you and one of your mates would be willing to cross swords in order for Marisa to be your first mate.

Ha! See what I did there again?! Yes, I am that amazing from the moment I wake up to the moment I close my eyes at night.

This is also a BEAUTIFUL moment to slip in the ‘Angry Pirate’, which I’m sure you’d like to do to Marisa. You don’t know what the Angry Pirate is? Click here and be schooled my scholars!

Well, here’s the video (One of a couple of them):

Yip…yeah…definitely makes you want to drink less. So many messages in there about the dangers of it all!

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