Ray Ban Introduce The Serial Killer Sunglasses


These are the sunglasses from Ray Ban, available right now. They normally form part of your average ‘Pedophile Starter Kit’ or your ‘Serial Killer Starter Kit’ in America:

ray ban natural born killers sunglasses

And here is Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers, playing an absolute crazy man:

woody harrelson natural born killers

natural born killers poster

It’s good to see these sunglasses are making a comeback, because it lets us know which people to steer clear of. If you see someone wearing these, it’s best you keep a safe following distance from them. Because you’ll wake up in an ice bath with your kidneys missing, FACT.

2 Comments on “Ray Ban Introduce The Serial Killer Sunglasses

  1. Yeah. That’s gonna be an instant hit with the douchebags. Betting Mr Lee-Anne Liebenberg already owns a pair…or two.

  2. Ha ha I’m actually just picturing him wearing them around Caprice, and then punching someone. He fits the profile perfectly!

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