Try Having 36 Double Espressos, 60 Cigarettes And 20 Cans Of Red Bull In A Day

robbie williams smoking

This is apparently what Robbie Williams was dealing with a while back, after getting seriously addicted to caffeine. It’s not exactly news, because we heard about this addiction a long time ago, but loads of people don’t know about it. I bring it up from time to time with people, and they’re not quite sure what I’ve been taking when they hear me talking about it.
That’s a lot of caffeine!

To be honest, I’m not sure what would pack up first on that diet. It’s a toss up between my wallet and stomach, and then my heart.

I’d say I could afford that for one or two days, and as my wallet explodes so would my stomach. Then I’d no doubt have a heart attack. But I’m always fascinated by the punishment a celebrity body can take, and there I drink a Coke or two a day and I basically pack up. I definitely don’t have the rock star genes I asked for at birth, but I’d love to be able to rock it like Hunter S Thompson, or Keith Richards, or Tommy Lee, or even Robbie. And Sheen. We can’t forget Sheen.

Would be cool to live like that for a while, if only to see how you feel.

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