Worlds Biggest Brands Have Used Power Balance For Years Now

While everyone is going around trying to be clever and saying that Power Balance bracelets don’t work, we have conclusive proof that brands using the holograms do survive even economic recessions. Think Havaianas. The sandals have continued to sell, through the recession and they’re still doing extremely well now. Why?

havaianas hologram


Mastercard and VISA. They basically laugh at recessions!


visa mastercard hologram


The holograms resonate with the products natural energy field, making them way better than the rest.

And there we have it, conclusive proof that Power Balance has worked for years, but the technology has only recently been introduced to the public.

2 Comments on “Worlds Biggest Brands Have Used Power Balance For Years Now

  1. That is really funny! Could the prosperous nature of those companies have anything to do with the following:

    * Havaianas are uber trendy and not expensive
    * Visa and MasterCard is used by all of the credit worthy human beings on a little blue planet called Earth.

    So I would think that yes Power Balance Bracelets is nothing more than the use of “The Power of Suggestion” (which is super effective especially with societies decreasing intellect and their increasing hobby of blindly following FADS) .

  2. No no! I spoke to the marketing teams and those two points have nothing to do with their prosperity. There are some unnamed scientific studies, that we are under no obligation to show you, that prove this :)

    In all seriousness though, Power Balance works on the placebo effect (Well my opinion), and if it works for you then I say…go ahead and use it! If paying R500 once off works, its better than using all sorts of other methods to cure pain, feel better or whatever it does.

    I’m a big believer in our minds controlling much of how our lives turn out, and if Power Balance helps people, then I don’t see it as a bad thing.

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