Americans Don’t Really Know Rodriguez

I’ve been listening to Rodriguez since I was a little kid, and even found a tape deck of Rodriguez in the 80’s BMW the other day. Good good times! I remember Rodriguez blasting through the B&O back in the day when we stayed in Pinelands, and all these years later it’s still such amazing music. So I was on YouTube listening to ‘Sugar Man’:

And then I saw this comment below the video:

“Why have i never heard of Rodriguez until now!? man fuck living in the u.s, this is up there definitely with dylan.”

THAT is what we refer to as amazing!

5 Comments on “Americans Don’t Really Know Rodriguez

  1. dude i love Rodriguez, what a tainted and tortured soul indeed.

    ‘silver majick ships, you carry
    jumpers, coke, sweet mary jane’

    love this guy.

  2. He is amazing. I heard a story last night that when Rodriguez disappeared for so long, he was actually living in the Knysna forest ina house there. And it wasn’t a drunken conversation, seemed credible and I suppose it makes sense.

  3. Rodriguez is such a mystery, and he became a cult icon here in south africa without even knowing it! Super amazing and he has a very cool life story. Wish there was more info on his music and life.

  4. Yeah there is very little solid information about him!

    But I guess that adds to the mystique about him. I often find when I know too much about people (Actors especially) it takes away from their work a bit.

    With Rodriguez there is an air of mystery about him, which is really intriguing. But it would be cool to someday find out a bit more about him.

  5. Im sure there are many south africans and even cape townians out there that have had the great honour of meeting him. only question is how on earth do we get a hold of these people? lol i saw a picture on the net with him standing with a guy in long street. do you think he’s still here in the SA? im going to email you that pic now…

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