Mosley Tribes Enforcer

mosley tribes enforcer

The look of success!

The Mosley Tribes Enforcer is one of the coolest sunglass designs that I have seen lately, by far! I don’t think I will ever grow tired of metal framed sunglasses, and this one just screams ‘awesome’ and ‘power’.

They are quite a square design, and are surely designed around law enforcement hence the name. Mosley Tribes are available in Cape Town at Extreme Eyewear, I was there over the weekend and they only have two available, with blue frames. Not quite what you’re looking for probably, but you can get an idea of what they look like then. And then maybe chat to them and see if they can organise any other colour combinations for you. They are seriously lightweight, and some of the best sunglasses you’ll ever wear. And the chances are you won’t bump into someone else wearing a pair of Mosley Tribes. Most people haven’t even heard of them.

If you haven’t heard of Mosley Tribes you’re probably a plebb, so let me fill you in:

Conceived by Oliver Peoples’ Founder and Creative Director Larry Leight in 2005, Mosley Tribes combines the design, knowledge and aesthetic of Oliver Peoples Luxury Eyewear with visionaries from the active lifestyle and sports performance worlds.

MOSLEY is an expression of euphoric feeling and TRIBES describe groups of individuals unified by a shared desire for performance without sacrificing style. Mosley Tribes designs are modern interpretations of timeless classics that combine fashion and function. The sleek, Mod-Equipped designs use titanium metals and injected plastic for a lightweight feel, ideal for active individuals. All Mosley Tribes frames feature VFX lenses (Visual Effects), the ultimate in lens technology and the most environmentally functional lenses available to fit specific customer needs based on light conditions and activities. Already recognized for its unique versions of double-bridge aviator styles, the core concepts of the brand include classic style, sport culture and street luxury.

The sunglass of choice among individuals who appreciate the synergy between style and utility, Mosley Tribes frames are popular among a spectrum of fashion-forward trendsetters, including Jay-Z, John Mayer and Reese Witherspoon.

You see? Learning something new every day!

Mosley Tribes and Oliver Peoples are available from Extreme Eyewear in Cape Town, albeit in very limited designs. Come on, bring us bigger ranges!

Oh and you’re wanting to know the price? Well, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford them.

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