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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 03 Aug 2010

me and charlie v

(I started writing this last week, but my health failed me, so if things say ‘last night’, just know it was last week)

Somehow I managed to get into the 2oceansvibe Radio Media Launch party last night and it’s official…do not let me drink.

I basically completely missed the Jack Parow performance because I was chatting to all the high powered attendees. Publicists, radio DJ’s, singers, bloggers…I was on top form after declaring that an open bar was awesome. It’s funny until Sean has his 10th glass of champers and suddenly I’m Leo and king of the world and high fiving people and generally acting like a rock star. Which, lets be honest, I am.

But with great drinking also comes great wisdom and I invented yet ANOTHER drink from Pussy Energy Drink. Look, Seth might be sponsored by them, but we need to take an honest look at ourselves and agree that I should be a marketing genius for Pussy. Last time we spoke we made the Blue Pussy (HERE for the uninformed)

Last night I created The Edward, for all those Twilight fans. It’s half Pussy/half sparkling wine. So it’s a Sparkling Pussy, just like the one Edward sports in Twilight.

sparkling pussy drink

The Sparkling Pussy AKA The Edward

How awesome? EXACTLY.

I can’t remember exactly what transpired but I was outside with Charlie V, Jack Parow was behind us, and then I was chatting to Stacey from KFM. We’ve actually known each other for ages, if you call Facebook ‘knowing’ I have absolutely no idea what we chatted aobut, but it was surely quite a laugh because I pissed myself. Jokes. I mean, not jokes about me pissing myself, jokes about me laughing until I pissed myself. I pissed myself because I forgot where the bathroom was.

I’m pretty damn sure there will be an opening shot of me on Top Billing, because when we arrived there was a camera crew in front of us. They stopped my sexual self and Charlie and Taz and her friend, and asked us to stand on the balcony for the opening shot. I hope they edit it, as I had my first carb that day (EVER – FATTY) and my bum was looking quite fat and my face was bloated.

But other than that carb mishap, if I saw myself from an outsiders perspective, I’d totally do me.

I don’t know why exactly we left, as you never know why you leave these parties but I was fairly hammered and was not feeling too hot. There were some photos, and obviously you’ll no doubt see me on Top Billing. If not, I will see to it that a producer is fired right away.

Some okes jaws were on the floor from all the talent, and I know the girls you were looking at were actually dating other people. Never fear!

I’m sure at least one of these girls are single:

beaitiful girls

Your average Cape Town girls(See what I did there?)…ungroomed and a little harsh on the eyes. No fashion sense whatsoever.

promo girls

Again, battling in the looks department and not really most guys cup of tea.

And if they’re not, well then that’s bad news bears! The TBG was in attendance, hiding from my lens:

han visto el tbg

Han visto el TBG?

And some more photos, Jack Parow mos kief!

jack parow on stage

jack parow jules

Parow: Relaxed

Anyway, thanks to 2oceansvibe Radio and The Little Black Book for an amazing hangover and the feeling of my stomach mixing cement the next day. I think I must have passed out doos dronk in a gutter and a cement truck offloaded into my stomach.

I don’t feel great for 25, but hey, it’s not the worst that could happen.

Bring on the next events, and people…keep the invites and products coming, I love it.

Click here for the rest of the photos on Facebook.

Click here for 2oceansvibe Radio.


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Pussy energy drinks Website Reply

Good Lord Sean – The Edward is a bloody stroke of genius. We can only award you the highest honour and title of mixing Pussy and other fine drinks. Perhaps a case of Pussy for anyone who comes up with this esteemed title?

August 06 2010 08:41 am Sean Lloyd Website

I might need a case of Pussy after my current product test, cane and cream soda....are you offering the case to a reader, or to me? Either way, it sounds good :) Let me know, drop me an e-mail at seanl(at)slxs(dot)co(dot)za

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