How To Buy A Leather Jacket

The only thing I’ve ever hated about South Africa is our limited access to high end fashion. We never get the full ranges and it’s always hard to source the good stuff, and when we do, the exchange rate takes a jackhammer, puts it to our wallet and turns on, obliterating it!

I’m a huge fan of classic dressing…white v necks, leather jackets, cotton military jackets, dark slim denim, quality leather shoes (Pointy, never square, we’re not wanting to look like Richard Hammond) I like clothing that is going to last a long time and that won’t go out of style the next time Lindsay Lohan changes her underwear (In about 3 months)

Leather jackets aren’t too easy to find in South Africa, but Country Road at the V&A Waterfront have some really cool, extremely soft ones for about R6000. Diesel at the V&A Waterfront also had an amazing black one the other day for about R7000. But check this bad boy out from Rick Owens:

rick owens mens leather jacket gq

I’ve never! $2500 though…if you can even find that one still. I sometimes wish we had clothing like that in South Africa. Anyway, leather should always be fitted, never baggy, and GQ have a cool guide to choosing denim jackets should you be looking for one. Check it out HERE.

And here is a video too for those interested:

Now you can live like an absolute rock star! And remember kids, always wear leather with a white v neck t-shirt and Aviators!

slxs leather jacket

Where the hell is my real gun?

(Thanks to Charlie V for the use of the Aviators!)

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