Photo Of The Piz Buin Oxybenzone Rash

(For the previous write up on the Piz Buin rash, click HERE)

So by now I assume that this rash has been caused by a chemical called oxybenzone that Piz Buin have cleverly decided to add to their formulations, because it’s clear they don’t really care about the customer! They’ve added an ingredient to their formulation that is known to cause skin problems. They haven’t yet replied to my e-mail either. The rash is going away now with anti-histamines, but it’s still there and where it is subsiding, the skin is now getting dry and peeling.

I look hot! It’s difficult to grab a photo of the rash, but in a certain light I got this:

Piz Buin Oxybenzone Rash

Remember this is around 48 hours after applying the cream, and after taking anti-histamines.

So that has been all over my body where I applied the sunscreen on the weekend, it is so ridiculous.

So I won’t quite be recommending Piz Buin this summer, or any summer. If you do have sensitive skin, or actually just normal skin because I’ve never had a rash before, skip the Piz Buin. I’ll be updating you soon on the new sunscreen range that we’ll be using this summer in Cape Town.

20 Comments on “Photo Of The Piz Buin Oxybenzone Rash

  1. I am sorry about this but…..

    Whaaaaaaa! That is classic!

    You better be getting some free shit from them, and a Piz Buin model.

  2. Piz Buin better give me a happy ending! No I’m over them.

    And you do know that all the Reddam angels are finishing exams today…and I look like this! Audrey! I look like hell! This is bush…bush league!

    Island Tribe…are we making tracks here?

  3. What is that scary looking doll in the corner?

    That RASH is a beaut!

    They better send loads of free stuff you can return for cash!

  4. Hey Catherine

    Yeah I did some reading on it…not ideal to be loading it onto the body! So I’ll be trying out other brands, thanks for the link :)

  5. It’s a real life midget that gives me happy endings to my day when I don’t feel like trying to charm people…don’t even ask about the dudes face above that reflected in the mirror. Don’t buy his weed.

  6. I thought you said this was from that smelly pirate hooker you picked up at Tiger?

  7. Had exactly the same rash! Spent a fortune on meds and creams. Took me weeks to realise it was PizBuin In Sun which astounded me as I’ve been using this product for years!

  8. I have the same problem not impressed, kids affected also but not much, mine is much worse than photo.

  9. Hi Charleen

    Definitely contact them and file a complaint, the more people that do, the more chance we have of making a bigger issue about this. They kept telling me the causes of the rash could be dietary and there are so many variables it’s hard to just blame the sunscreen.

    Are you from South Africa?

  10. Hi, did you find out which sun cream to use now? I have the same… And am a sun baby! Could not bear not being able to spend time in the sun…

  11. Hi Carly

    I switched to Island Tribe and that worked perfectly :) I have been trying natural sunscreens as well now, after I had that rash I realised how bad all these chemicals are for our bodies. Badger sunscreen is great, a little expensive but I thought it’s worth it in the long run. Faithful To Nature have a great selection of natural sunscreens and you can order them online which is great.

  12. i have been using Piz Buin sun screen for years but this year tried the ‘tan intensifier’ not knowing about the concerns about Oxybenzone. I only put it on my arms and chest and those exact areas have come out in a nasty rash. My doc says it’s a heat rash and gave me steriod cream and antihistamine tabs. It certainly looks like heat rash but doesn’t itch or feel sore, also, I’ve had it for 5days now and it’s not showing any signs of clearing. I have kept out of the sun the whole time and kept the house cool and airy so “WHATS GOING ON?”

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