Gwen Gill retires

gwen gill

Gwen Gill — But will I ever meet her?


It was hilarious when I heard the news of Gwen Gill retiring, because I immediately sent out an sms to my right hand man:

“Gwen Gill has retired. Dammit, now I can never feature in her column”

He replies:

“Who’s Gwen Gill?”

“She wrote that social column in the Sunday Times”

Stunning reply:

“Oh yeah! Yussus, that old fox could chill hey. She chilled more than me when I was high in London for three years”

Gwen Gill has officially been referred to as an “old fox”


Gwen Gill’s last column appeared in the Sunday Times yesterday, and I doubt Jeannie D or Michael Mol will be digging her vibe. She had her list of party people, and then the people not on her list?

Jeannie D and Michael Mol!

I wonder what happened? Ending your career off with such a statement has to mean something, surely?

I’m waiting for WWE Raw, Gwen “The Hitwomen” Gill vs Jeannie “How do you pronounce my name?” D, vs Michael “Smily” Mol. It will be an epic battle.

On a related note, when is Gwen coming to Cape Town? I’m still looking to meet her and have my photo taken for my desk portraits. I cannot fathom living without meeting Gwen, and having my photo taken with her.

When you say “Complete my life”, I say “Get me to meet Gwen Gill and have our photo taken”

To read Gwen Gills last column, click HERE.

Except if you’re Jeannie D or Michael Mol.

Sean Lloyd


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