Radisson Hotel in Cape Town buy their own island

Clearly the recession has not hit the Radisson Hotel in The Waterfront, because they have managed to secure what only the mega wealthy can secure…their own private piece of paradise on which to erect their hotel (Presumably)

Johnny Depp has an island, so does Richard Branson. Now the Radisson have one too. And this is true, I didn’t Photoshop it, click HERE for the original.


I think it’s brilliant and it should make them more exclusive, being seperated from the actual land piece of Cape Town. This puts them in a complete different league to the One & Only hotel, which is already managing some lay offs so we hear. Damn recession!

It’s so good when you’re wealthy, everything is just SO easy! Mmmmm an island would increase sales…mmm…BOOM…buy it!

What there is no island just off Cape Town? Well make one, darned fools!

Sean Lloyd


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