Refillabe pens for the environment

Now you must understand how I chill. I’m not one of those guys that is all like “Yeah I’m chilling” when he writes an sms, but meanwhile back at the ranch he is sitting down to a meal with the bird. No…that’s not me. I’m the lone wolf and I will do whatever I want, whenever I want. When I say I’m chilling, I am maxing the hell out to an insane level of sickie woo-ness.

So I’m chilling drinking coffee that is scorching hot. I like it scorching hot because I drink it naked, and the possibility of hot coffee spilling on me jewels makes me a little bit more aware of my surrounding which helps with ADD. It helps me focus.

So if your kid has ADD, then make him/her/it drink hot coffee naked. It’ll do wonders.

The other benefit of drinking coffee naked is that, should a model suddenly walk in, you’ll already be kit off, and the caffeine will give you the necessary boost. And you can rub the sugar on her tits, if only to call her sugar tits.

I find it semi to fully arousing the way I start writing on something and then lose my way and end up down the path, sometimes ending up on the landing strip.

So I’m stirring my coffee with my johnson and then suddenly, you know, a few hours have gone by and I cannot for the life of me recall why I started to write this in the first place. The title reads “Refillable pens for the planet”

I’m always weary of mentioning myself naked, because I always get undesirables approaching me asking if I can go to dinner with them, or they can just buy me a drink, or just sleep with me. This riff-raff does not fit in with the lifestyle, because to approach me, you must have at least clocked in 4 hours of exercise and no carbs in a day. No easy feat even for your average bulimia/anorexia patient.

Ok so there we were, on the subject of pens.  It amazes me how many people complement me on my handwriting (It’s neat,but does have some days off) and I put that down to the fact that every day of my life, I do some sort of writing that does not involve a computer. I’ll write in my diary, scribble notes, ideas and scenes in pencil, write stories in pen and generally take a bit of time to be away from the electronics.

I’ve always found something personal in writing, like an artist painting with a brush, or a songwriter actually sitting down and writing a song, and not simply playing with buttons on a computer. If you read old letters from a war, or from any important point in history, the words on those pieces of paper convey as much of the message as the state of the paper. The watermarks, dirt, the way it was written, the emotion penned into each word. This is something that we will never capture on computers.

We have future generations growing up without really knowing what it’s like to receive hand written letters. They will never know what it’s like to receive that hand written note, steeped with feelings and personality.

So where possible I try to keep a bit of an old school vibe to my writing, using pencils and fountain pens.

lamy fountain pen

The Lamy Fountain Pen

Inadvertently, using a refillable pen does have it’s benefits to the planet. Because you’re just buying the refill cartridge, you’re saving a whole load of materials used to make an entire disposable pen. Then there is also less packaging to keep that new disposable pen in, such as cardboard and plastic.

But more importantly, a pen is something that every person of class should have. And not just any pen, something of quality. Many people say the watch has become obsolete with the invention of cellphones, but only the poor, weak and plebbish crowd say that.

Trust me, a good watch, a fine pair of leather shoes and a quality crafted pen have a lot to say about a person. Keep that in mind!

I’m rolling a Lamy fountain pen, and unbelievably, five refill cartridges only cost R30. This is rather cheap I would say. Coupled with some killer Moleskine notebooks, and I’m ready to roll.

lamy pen

Box of 5 refills — R30…even good in the recession

Next time you look at a person of stature, look at their watch and pen. You’ll notice that all successful people have a taste for lifes finer things, and we can all afford to do better with our pens.

Carry a quality pen with you wherever you go, it’s a deal maker. Would you trust a man in a baggy suit with a BIC click pen? No, because that would be an estate agent starting out in the business.

That’s not what you want.

Lamy available at Pen & Art in Cape Town.

Check them out at Cavendish Square and the V&A Waterfront.

Sean Lloyd


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