Cape Town Boat Show Wake Demo with photos

So it has taken me a little while to put these up, but rather late than never wouldn’t you say?

YES! YES! That’s exactly what you would say!

Sorry, too much caffeine this morning. My due apologies.

Anyway as I had previously mentioned I was invited as a guest of Andrew Bourne who is a professional wakeboarder and a good friend of SLXS. We like to kick it. Andrew went into quite some effort to hand build the kicker and the slider with the help of a strong crew who stayed up until the early hours of the morning building the equipment for the wake demo at the Cape Town International Boat Show. I was also up until the early hours of the morning…partying!

Anyway, herewith some photos:


The Bourne2Ride truck and Red Bull girls…just the way we like it.


Trying to attract the groupies



World Trade Centre in the background.




Dylan Mitchell — Scarecrow off the kicker. Dylan will have more groupies by 18 than anyone else in Cape Town. Fact.



Dylan Mitchell pulled this off and gained another 72 groupies…Nice work if you can get it



Dylan Mitchell is the 2008 Junior Boys U/16 South African Wakeboard Champion, the 2008 South African wakeskate champion, a Bourne2Ride team rider and a LIZZARD team rider.

Chicks dig it!

I was actually walking around the entire weekend saying to chicks “Hi I’m Dylan Mitchell”

They would reply, “No you’re not”

So then I walked around telling people that I was Andrew Bourne. That also didn’t work as they knew I wasn’t Andrew. So I never really came right that weekend, not even with the Red Bull girl who was surely looking at me. I saw the glint in her eyes.

She could have been looking at the Maserati behind me, or at Dylan, but let’s stick to my story. Obviously I will make up for this by banging EVERY model on Clifton this week. That is a true story, I will do it for you!

Thanks to Andrew from Bourne2Ride for organising the event and then also to the sponsors — Red Bull, LIZZARD, Bateman for the jetfloat on which the riders started from and also to Liquid Force, all of whom made the event possible.

Sean Lloyd


2 Comments on “Cape Town Boat Show Wake Demo with photos

  1. Yoh, those guys have huge cajones! Imagine sacking yourself on that slider. Ive seen the groupies that follow joburg wakeboarders…its no joke, chicks dig leather, lace and water sports!

  2. I have a great photo of Dylan after wiping out and hitting his head on the ground below the water. He didn’t even know he was cut until I told him.

    The groupies are wild, if I was a pro wakeboarder I would take FULL advantage ha ha! I probably would not have time for wakeboarding…

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