Marshmallows perpetuate the cycle

I was checking out this pack of Marshmallows yesterday and all I can say is that I…am…shocked.

On the packet it says “A naturally fat free product” Meaning, people are going to see this and think “Oh well it’s alright to eat then! Down down down…down into my belly…down down down…I love marshmallows…they can’t make me fat.”


Thunder thighs may want to consider a tactical chunder… 


Put the marshmallows down! Come on, look at yourself? Can you really afford to be eating these sugar bombs? No I don’t think you can, with summer being on the way and all. I know there is no fat in sweeties, but there is sugar, and we all know that carbs are the enemy! Obviously good carbs are fine, like sweet potatoes and low GI products (As Sean recites his copy of Patrick Holfords New Optimum Nutrition Bible from memory)

There are also good fats such as olive oil, avocado and nuts. But McDonalds is not a good source of fat! Their meat is a good source of hormones though, so if you want to be fat and hairy then I would suggest McDonalds is the right way to go. You know…you could grow a ‘tache like that chick at Pick ‘n Pay.

Obviously with Tashtober and Movember coming up (More on this another time) this would be the perfect time for the girls to stock up on hormones from poor meat sources such as that muck non free-range-smells-of-fish- chicken that you can buy at Pick ‘n Pay. Seriously if you girls want to grow a mullet, or a mean moustache, then go ahead and eat that stuff.

I’m just saying…your chances of coming right if you are big and hairy are slim to zero.

I’m hitting the ball…it’s flying…oooooh it’s landed!

The ball is in your court. Play it as you will.

Incidentally it’s the Her(m)anus Whale Festival in September

Sean Lloyd


3 Comments on “Marshmallows perpetuate the cycle

  1. Will that girl from the Smarties article be attending the The “Her(m)anus” whale festival? :)

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