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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 24 Dec 2007

I can’t believe it’s already Christmas tomorrow! Actually I can…but it seems that the thing to say just before anything happens is “I can’t believe…” This is usually followed by wide eyes, a deep breath and a drop of the jaw(Females especially love the drama of these situations, pushing the limits sometimes). Why can nobody believe anything happens these days? “Oh my God I can’t believe another year has gone by!” and “Oh my God I can’t believe how quickly the kids grow up!” What’s not to believe?

Anyway. So after spending the week in the hell fires of Misverstand, I was back to the place we call home just in tome for some weekend shenanigans. We ended up doing a family and friends vibe at the summer residence of choice, the Llandudno pad. This was on Saturday. Much time spent bronzing lent its hand to bouts of dehydration which were cured by Savannah, Woolworths beer shandy, beer, water and a nice afternoon Weber with chicken and the leg of a lamb rounded off the occasion.


Llandudno- Not the worst place to be

The weather was spectacular and after bending the day, the only thing that seemed right to do was take the 5 minute walk from the house to Llandudno beach. Not too bad, not too bad at all. The bags were packed with all sorts of stuff to eat and drink, and we watched the sun miraculously go very low over the ocean, and all of a sudden it was gone. It seems like the other half of the world was keen for some sun, so Cape Town lent it to them for a couple of hours. It was fine though because it came back. It seems it always does. It’s nice though, because the sun only leaves Cape Town at night, which is when it is dark anyway, so it does not really affect us.


Sundowners at Llandudno- A necessary part of the excess life


Oh can you feel it!

On the other hand, if the sun buggered off when it was daytime, and hence light, we would be in a predicament. It would be light outside, minus the warmth coming from the sun. This would trick our bodies. It would be light and cold, which would have my body too confused to function. It’s too scary to even think of…

Conversation of the day was peppered with musings on how blindingly beautiful the view was, how much longer the food needed to cook, how many more drinks were needed to be bought, how much sunscreen we should be using and again what a beautiful day was. All this conversation was terribly stressful and I found myself walking in and out of the house, wondering if the view of the ocean was better from the couch in the lounge, the chairs on the patio of from the pool. The pool won on the day, and as we sat there with our feet in the cool water, the sun beating down on us and plenty of friends, drinks and food, we all wondered what could be better than this particular day in Cape Town.

I obviously mentioned that a bit of a helicopter pad in the garden would be ideal, but that idea was scrapped knowing that the noise of Terry flying the chopper in would probably irritate the neighbours no end. It would be funny though. Take the chopper from the house to the beach. You know…just for a laugh. It does seem a bit excessive though, even for my taste.

Sandy Bay is near the Llandudno house, just thought I would let you know. For those of you unaware, Sandy Bay is where people go to tan kit off. Not quite my choice in life. IMAGINE trying to explain to someone why your main boy is standing to attention, saying “Oh no it’s just the pleat in the pants. It’s actually an optical illusion. I’m actually taking the pants back now, to the pants store” Only to realise you are not wearing any pants.

Look this is not to say I ever get a pleat in my pants on the beach and have to lie on my stomach while my body gets an uneven tan. I’m OBVIOUSLY just talking in generalities, and have heard via the grapevine that this has happened to people on the beaches of Cape Town. It’s actually all hypothetical really.

No really, it is.

My pants don’t even have a pleat.

I’m sort of off the topic, but what I wanted to say is that if you find yourself in Cape Town on a day that is beautiful(Pretty much any day), then make the trip to Llandudno for some sundowners. It was good, real good.

I need to go now, the shops are going to be a mess of people as everyone does the last bit of Christmas shopping.

I actually can’t handle it, but I’m going to have to.

I could think of nothing worse so wish me luck.

Sean Lloyd



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