My Serengeti Sunglasses

Photo 2

I think we need to talk about these sunglasses of mine, because a lot of people are doing sunglasses wrong. You see, we’re seeing the world through the wrong lenses and this needs to be fixed. I see a lot of friends with grey lenses that suck the colour out of their life. I see friends with plastic lenses that scratch when the wind blows. I see friends with non polarised lenses. Now let’s look at what my world looks like. These are the Serengeti Drivers Polarized Photochromic lenses. Photochromic being that they lighten and darken depending on how strong the sunlight is. Now let’s remember, these lenses aren’t those ones that creepy people wear, that go from fully clear to half dark to fully dark. The lenses darken very slightly, enough for changing light conditions. This is a brown lens so it brings out the colours in the most amazing way. Add to this the polarisation, and I promise you that your world has never looked better. This is what the sky looks like, dammit it’s as if I’m looking at life through Instagram!

Photo 6

I walk around most days oblivious to the fact that everyone is being blinded by the most horrific white glare and that no colours are seen properly because of all this glare. And there I assume that everyone is living in this fantasy land that I live in, one where no amount of sunshine can ruin what I want to see.

Obviously living in Cape Town, we don’t really have seasons anymore, we just get all of them all the time. The best thing about these brown lenses is that even on cloudy, rainy days where there is glare on  the road is still an issue, you see this:

Photo 3

Now the part that I need to mention. These are not the cheapest sunglasses around, but this is because they’re the best. They’re glass lenses, polarised and photochromic so basically they’re packing all the technology into one lens. You can however get them at a discounted price at They’re available there for less than what I paid, and there are a whole range of sunglasses there that are selling for below the price you’ll find them at the shops. My particular ones are the Serengeti Cortino.

So there you have it!

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